SITEMAP Turned Works

Turned Works Hand Crafted Wood Burl Pieces For Sale
Turned Works has custom made, handcrafted Burl wood vases, wood bowls, candle holders, wall art, vessels and more for sale.

Turned Works schedule of Craft Show and Gallery Showings
Turned Works sells custom made, handcrafted burl wood vases, wood bowls and more at art craft shows.

About Warren Vienneau, artist and owner of Turned Works
About Warren Vienneau owner and creator of Burl wood products of Turned Works

Exotic Woods Turned Works Uses to Create Wood Bowls, Vases and More
Some of Warren Vienneau's favorite exotic woods used in Turned Works pieces.

Contact Turned Works: 413-443-2907
Contact Warren Vienneau at Turned Works - call 413-443-2907 for handcrafted burl wood vases, wood bowls and more.

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